A Culture of Abundance and Caring

Keller Williams continues to attract the best in the industry because of our culture of sharing, world-class training, worldwide expansion opportunities, and our models and systems that have proven to survive the most drastic market changes.

OUR Culture & VALUES

We are the place where entrepreneurs thrive in the Coachella Valley

Entrepreneurship = Freedom.

Freedom to build your life and business how you choose.  Financial Freedom that provides independence and the ability to give back to our community.

Thrive -  We don’t want our agents to just survive, we want them to thrive and flourish.  In their spiritual life, personal life and business.  That their lives are so full of joy, peace, contentment, love and resources, that it would overflow and impact the lives and community around them.

Our leadership and owners are truly motivated by empowering our agents to win.  Our happiness comes from helping our agents succeed.

We are passionate about equipping our agents with the knowledge, systems, strategies, coaching, training, accountability, leads and marketing that they need to accomplish their goals, and the vision they have for their business and their LIFE. 

No matter your level of experience or your goals at KW we have the resources, technology and support to help your business reach new heights. 

We have spent an enormous amount of time and money over the last 10 years to create, identify, vet, test, and implement what we believe to be the most effective systems, tools and strategies we could find. Our agents are able to implement these systems into their business to help meet their real estate goals with more leads, more closings, and more referrals. The KW Coachella Valley agents using these systems, tools and strategies for at least 12 months average $10MM in sales. This standard is head and shoulders above other brokerages and has been molded into a proven method to sell homes we call the “KW Advantage.” This “KW Advantage'' is the edge our real estate professionals have when completing a real estate transaction and results in a clear advantage for our team members by all metrics. 

Freedom to build your life and business how you choose.

The foundation of our platform is to make your real estate dreams a reality. Book a meeting with our leadership team today and learn how we can help you sell more homes in less time.

WHY Keller Williams?

Keller Williams is not your traditional real estate company

That is why it is not surprising that we are the #1 Real Estate Franchise in the world, by agent count and consistently win employer awards. 







Our phenomenal growth is only part of the story: